About Us

     There are many salons that offer great services by countless talented stylists. At Savage Beauty Boutique, I wanted to combine unique styling with my talent as a lifelong hairstylist too, providing each of my clients a different experience! I offer a full range of salon services as you enjoy coffee from my gourmet coffee selection, made fresh in a porcelain cup (can't enjoy fine coffee in a styrofoam cup!). Want to stop in on a Friday, after a long week, and unwind? Savage Boutique has you covered! Enjoy any one of our assortment of beers and wines as you sink in our comfortable chair while getting a scalp massage! I even bought several tablets so clients can search the internet for style ideas.
     The salon has several chairs that will eventually provide a great work station for future employees but, for now, I will be your stylist. My name is Erin. I am a Certified Specialist for Babe Hair Extensions and Blonding/Balayage Artist with more than 20 years of experience in high-end salons. Women, men, boys and girls, any age and any hair style is welcome. As a new business owner and sole stylist, my hours are completely flexible. I'm accepting appointments to work around any special scheduling issues you may be experiencing! So, bring your kids, friends, husband/wife and neighbors to Savage Beauty Boutique for a unique experience that everyone will enjoy! I'm looking forward to meeting you and growing the business with your patronage!